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    With the $1.2-trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill finally passed following lengthy congressional negotiations, U.S. water and wastewater utilities are in line to get help for solving some longstanding issues, from crumbling pipes and outdated treatment plants to modernizing operations for efficiency and resiliency.

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    Over the first 25 years of my career, I spent a great deal of that time working as the engineer and advising owners from the engineering perspective. While I was involved in alternative delivery projects as an engineer, it wasn’t until I joined Mortenson and focused on building water infrastructure projects for owners through alternative delivery projects, that I came to appreciate the role of the contractor.

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    农村公共事业face a slew of challenges, with aging infrastructure being among the most pressing.

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    Ports throughout the U.S. have extremely critical infrastructure needs, and port officials in numerous states are readying projects for launch. America’s ports are in desperate need of modernization, expansion, upgrades, and repairs if they are to remain viable. Because of the economic contributions that ports provide to the U.S. economy, officials can no longer ignore or defer these essential projects.

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    As the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate last month would authorize $55 billion in federal spending on water and wastewater infrastructure, contractors in the space are no doubt keeping a close eye on it.

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    Federal policymakers are on the verge of advancing two historic pieces of legislation: a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and a $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. While the ultimate fate of both is up in the air, one point is clear: Policymakers are focused on creating more jobs and supporting more workers following the COVID-19 recession.

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    The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee is moving forward with a measure that would invest $3.7 billion in critical wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. These resources will help communities across the country struggling with sewage spills, inadequate sanitation, and destructive urban flooding.

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    The cost of municipal water management, including infrastructure renewal, relies on revenue from ratepayers, but affordability of services is a prime concern as well. A recent report from Black & Veatch looks at large cities and recent trends regarding this delicate balance.

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    There are a few current governmental policies that have impacted the construction cost of water and wastewater infrastructure over the last several years. Some are older policies that were established many years ago and some are newer policies that were implemented to help U.S. manufacturers compete in these markets against foreign manufacturers. There is some discussion now in Washington to implement more policies such as $15 minimum wage and revisions to the Made in America requirements for purchases using federal money, both direct and indirect.

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    America’s water infrastructure may soon get the attention it deserves now that funding is available. Billions of dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) are on the way to public officials throughout the United States. Most states are allocating additional funding as well, and many local officials will take advantage of consolidating the two new revenue sources to finance large and costly projects.


  • 2300 Multi-Input Controller

    The 2300 offers a real breakthrough in process control. It features the functionality of a PLC and a SCADA in a compact package for the price of a transmitter.

  • Xylem Water Loss Management: Improve Network Performance With Better Intelligence And Actionable Insights

    Integrate all data and systems into a single IOT platform to collaborate and make more accurate, data-driven decisions. Xylem Water Loss Management delivers real-time data to help utilities make more informed decisions to improve network performance. Using these insights, a utility can intelligently monitor its water network to improve customer service, reduce non-revenue water and extend asset life.

  • Rental Program

    没有解除finge得到流量和压力数据r. Technology, installation, data services, and support can all be rented through the HUB, Matchpoint’s premier rental program.

  • OCTAVE® Ultrasonic Meter

    Octave brings the latest in ultrasonic metering technology to Commercial/Industrial (C&I) water meters and puts precise measurement where the real flows exist.

  • Info360 Insight

    Info360 Insight was purpose-built as a business intelligence tool that provides water utilities with data-driven historical insight into what’s going on right now, and what’s most likely to happen next.

    Learn morein the full Info360 Insight brochure.


Its Time To Rethink Wastewater Management

It’s time for distributed design in the water industry. Learn how Fluence is changing the game in this short video.