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    For many utilities, properly treating the iron and manganese in source water is critical to maintaining good customer relationships. When iron and manganese are present, they are often accompanied by arsenic contamination. Here are several examples of utilities that successfully installed treatment systems to address the trio of contaminants.

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    惊人的四十亿人 - 世界上三分之二的人口 - 每年体验水资源稀缺,超过一半缺乏安全卫生服务。这种全球水资源危机的严重程度只会随着人群的不断发展而增加,行业排气共享资源和极端天气事件加剧了短缺。如果我们迫切行事,只需几年的短年即可通过强烈的水资源稀缺来流离7亿人。

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    At manufacturing operations using ultrafiltration systems, the ultrafiltration membranes are used for numerous batches without replacement, using Clean-In-Place (CIP) operations in between batches to maintain filter performance. However, ineffective CIP cycles or long-term fouling or degradation of the filter membrane can result in increased cycle times to move the desired amount of product through the filter, lost yield as the product is unable to permeate the filter, or poor product quality as membrane failure may occur.

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    The Toquepala mine is a large copper mine in the Tacna Province in Peru, on the border with Chile and Bolivia. The mine is situated far from nearby towns and cities and is operated by between 800-900 employees living on-site.

  • Liqui-Flux案例研究了工业用途的大规模治疗河水

    Ultrafiltration (UF) is commonly used as a pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis (RO) to ensure reliable, consistent and efficient operation. As Shandong Hongxin Chemicals Co., Ltd in China recently discovered, this consistency and reliability, along with quick setup and installation times, helped them realize convenience and cost savings.


  • TETRA® ABF Bioactive Filter

    De NoraTetra®ABF生物活性过滤器将臭氧产生与生物活性过滤相结合,用于市政水应用。该方法针对微核性减少并减少饮用水和饮用再利用应用中的消毒副产品。

  • TurboStat™ Sidehill Static Screen

    The TurboStat sidehill static screen is one of the simplest and most economical methods for solids separation. All units feature a stainless steel wedge wire filtration surface. The working principle is based on a liquid current circulating over the screen's curved surface.

  • Hydrotech Discfilter

    The Hydrotech Discfilter provides proven experience for today’s demanding wastewater treatment applications through an efficient, yet easy-to-operate design. Influent flows by gravity into the center drum and then passes through the filter media mounted on both sides of the discs.

  • Arkal 2-3" Spin Klin

    Automatic disc filtration system for low to medium flow rates in a compact footprint.

  • Lug Style Butterfly Valve: Type 578

    The Type 578 Lug Butterfly Valve has several beneficial design features unique to the Georg Fischer butterfly valve line. The double eccentric operating principle has an off-center disc and shaft that disengages the disk from the seal with only 3 degrees of rotation.



Zeoturb Bio-organic Liquid Flocculant Explainer Video by Genesis Water Technologies. This video will explain what is Zeoturb flocculant, how does it work for water clarification in drinking water, wastewater, process water and storm water treatment applications. How it is introduced into the water. Learn more about the Zeoturb liquid bio-organic floculant today.